May 13-15, 2016


Congress Palace in Ensemble Artisanal, Fez, Morocco.


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Announcing the second international conference on:

“Moroccan Sufism in Global Context: Practical Steps Towards Muhammadi Light”

Three days of beauty and majesty: 13-15th May, 2016.

The International Academic Centre of Sufi and Aesthetic Studies (IACSAS) will organize The Second International Conference on Maghrebi Sufism in Global Contexts which will be held in Fez (Morocco) on the 13th, 14th and 15h of May, 2016. The conference invites academics, independent scholars, Sufi Shaykhs, and researchers from around the world to meet, exchange ideas, and discuss issues related to Sufism.


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An Overview / of our previous conference

Last year, the IACSAS organized its first international conference under the name Maghrebi Sufism in its Global Contexts: Practical Steps Towards Prophetic Light. The conference witnessed an incontestable success achieved through participation of experienced and visionary academics and spiritual guides. There were more than 140 participants (Sufis and researchers) from more than thirty different countries. The event provided a unique opportunity for a wide-cross section of individuals to gather and brainstorm over four days about Maghrebi Sufism and its literary, artistic and intellectual dimensions.

The participants unanimously agreed at the end of the event on the need to hold the conference on an annual basis to explore Moroccan spiritual influences around the globe, and to pursue in-depth studies of various aspects of this topic that will make the published presentations an indispensable source for researchers in this field.

Beyond its academic scope the conference organizers wish to note its receptivity to the participation of Sufi shaykhs and practitioners. In recent years the world has witnessed a return to spirituality,  as a response to  pervasive spiritual emptiness  experienced  by  modern


human beings, amid pervasive suffering and widespread alienation. Such a need has provoked diverse initiatives for reviving the spiritual values inherent in each individual.

As a response this conference will try to gather, on an annual basis, Sufi Shaykhs and academic researchers from diverse international cities and universities in order to explore critical academic questions while also supporting a forum to address profound and inspiring spiritual issues.

The first session of this conference demonstrated how Sufism could transcend the geographical borders of the Islamic world. The conference contributed to the understanding of how Sufism has come to address imbalances in people’s lives. It also shed light on Islamic Sufism, with a Maghrebi dimension, drew its inspiration from the sacred scripture and prophetic teachings.

These conferences also aim to introduce the most influential and inspirational Maghrebi Sufis who have transmitted this vivid Sufi heritage through different times and places. They have transmitted knowledge, information, hagiographies, translated texts, devotional poems, and artistic expressions. They have preached tolerance and coexistence within a spiritual context like Morocco. This has inspired Ibn Qunfudh, an Algerian scholar and a specialist in Hadith, to say: “let the pastures yield the finest crops, and let the land of Morocco beget the righteous”

Participants are invited to propose contributions as related to the following themes:


  • Moroccan/Maghrebi Sufism and religious
  • Moroccan Sufism and the Prophetic
  • Moroccan/ Maghrebi Sufism and its contribution to the spread of
  • Moroccan/Maghrebi Sufism and world literature.
  • Moroccan/Maghrebi Sufism and thought in global contexts.
  • Moroccan/Maghrebi Sufism and its impact on aesthetics, calligraphy, music, architecture, theater, and other .
  • Moroccan/Maghrebi Sufism and gender studies


Selection Criteria


Priority will be given to contributions dealing with Maghrebi Sufism in its African,  Asian, and American dimensions.

Languages of the Conference:


Arabic, English, and French.


Important Dates


January 31, 2016: Deadline for submitting participation applications, abstracts, and brief biographical notices.

February 15, 2016: Notification of acceptance. April 30, 2016: Deadline for submitting papers. May 13-15, 2016: Conference date.



Participants will be responsible for their own transportation up to Fez. The conference organizers will provide transfers from the airport, lodging, and meals and the contributions will eventually be published in formal procedings.

Further Details:

-Participation application and papers should be sent to

-For information and updates, visit,  or  our website:

– Phone : (00) +212 6 66 29 59 84.

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Event Speakers /

Professor Ron Geaves

Honorary Visiting Professor

Ron Geaves is currently Visiting Professor in the Department of History,

Marcia Hermansen


Director Islamic World Studies

Mark Sedgwick


Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies “with special duties,” Department of

Eric Geoffroy


Eric Geoffroy is an expert in the Islamic religion and professor

Dr Alan Godlas

Associate Professor

Co-Director, Arabic Major UGA (more…)

President of the International Academic Centre of Sufi and Aesthetic Studies,

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Congress Palace in Ensemble Artisanal

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