May 13-15, 2016


Congress Palace in Ensemble Artisanal, Fez, Morocco.


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Announcing the third international conference on:

Sufism and Global Peace

Three days of beauty and majesty: 8-10th May, 2017.

The International Academic Centre of Sufi and Aesthetic Studies (IACSAS) will organize The Second International Conference on Maghrebi Sufism in Global Contexts which will be held in Fez (Morocco) on the 8th, 9th and 1oth of May, 2017. The conference invites academics, independent scholars, Sufi Shaykhs, and researchers from around the world to meet, exchange ideas, and discuss issues related to Sufism.


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An Overview / of our previous conference

Conference Background :

The success achieved by the first and second Fez International Sufi Conferences has motivated the International Academic Center of Sufi and Aesthetic Studies to organize a Third Annual Meeting during the Spring of 2017 with the partnership of national and international academic groups and various mystical institutions from across the world.

We are pleased to note that the Annual Conference has become one of the most important events anticipated by Sufi enthusiasts from around the world, both researchers and practitioners. We believe that this is due to the conference’s clear vision based on the Quran and Sunnah and in accordance with the inherited understandings of the Prophet’s living light over generations, which rejects hyperbole, extremism, and heresy.

The Annual Conference aims to go beyond narrow views confining mystic acts within the scope of a single Sufi order claiming the entire truth. The Conference also rejects negative competitiveness among Sufi orders or with any other Islamic groups.  Rather, this Conference seeks to highlight the openness of mystic thoughts, practices, and creativity, including all the beautiful meanings and noble values considered the real essence of Islam.

Society today is in need of true Sufism to help reconcile the psychological and physical aspects of our human lives. This Sufism is rooted in following the Prophet’s methods for  molding  worthy human lives and is intertwined with a faith that emerges from repentance founded upon inner struggle and the conscious understanding of Islamic doctrines and dogma. These come before undertaking a path of purification grounded in enlightenment of the mind, heart, soul, and spirit. Finally, the ascent to divine knowledge derives from an unending love of perfection and beauty.  And this, in turn, is reflected in the Sufi Muslim’s vision of the universe and creation, in which sympathy for all creatures becomes one of the noble goals of the spiritual journey.

Nowadays, the world is in serious crisis in all spheres, from the political to the economic, and the social to the intellectual. This wide-ranging crisis affects moral and spiritual values as they become overwhelmed by anxiety and conflict.  Individuals and nations suffer the same fate.  We therefore, more than at any other time, need to embrace a true Sufi approach, far removed from spiritual corruption, so as to inspire individuals with inner peace and who will, in turn,  create a peaceful community.

For a discussion of these questions, we call upon prominent intellectuals and leaders of Sufi orders from all over the world  to join together in the city of Fès in April to discuss this year’s Conference theme, “Sufism for Global Peace.”

Possible presentation topics include but are not limited to:

  • Sufism and the building of the individual
  • Sufism serving the nations: historical cases
  • Sufism and inner peace: approaches and cases
  • Sufism and communal peace
  • Sufism and global peace

Selection criteria:

Priority will be given to new and serious research, especially those that shed light on Sufi approaches in building the human being and those that provide scientific and practical proposals about Sufi ways to create individual, community, or global peace.

Languages used in the Conference:

Papers are accepted in the following languages: Arabic, Berber, French, English,  German.

Important Dates

  • December 31st, 2016: Deadline for the submission of abstracts and a brief biography of the writer.
  • January 15th, 2017: Notification of Acceptance.
  • March 15th, 2017: Submission of the paper.
  • March 31st , 2017: Last day for Conference Registration.
  • 08-09-10 May, 2017:  Conference days.


  • The Scientific Committee will notify the accepted candidates only by email or via text messages on Whatsup before January 31st , 2017.
  • Accommodation will include only residence and transportation within Fes City during the Conference days and the organizers will not be responsible for international airfare.
  • Abstracts shall be no longer than 300 words.

Contact details

Send Abstracts to:

Further details and information can be found at our website & Facebook page: http//   or

Tel: Dr. Aziz  at +00212  66 62 95 98

-Participation application and papers should be sent to

-For information and updates, visit,  or  our website:

– Phone : (00) +212 6 66 29 59 84.

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Event Speakers /

        Sheikh from and Tijani

   And adviser to the Chechen president

lil'alamin Organization - Malaysia


Honorary Visiting Professor

Chef Executive of the Global Movement of Moderates Foundation( GMMF), which

Marcia Hermansen


Director Islamic World Studies

Scholar and Sufi Shaykh, USA.

Tareeqah Muhammadiyah, UK (more…)


Associate Professor

The Chairman of  Ahl sunna Association INDIA

President of the International Academic Centre of Sufi and Aesthetic Studies,

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